Hypertext Markup Language code Snippets

Hypertext Markup Language stands for HTML; it is the standard markup language which helps web designers and web developers to create web pages and web applications. HTML code snippets are very useful tools because they allow us to save blocks of code or even help us to design t a library to use it later — even years later in other web pages.

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Hypertext Markup Language snippets can be used to insert codes into web pages mostly used to assimilate widgets like Facebook and Twitter buttons. They are reusable codes that can be amalgamated in a file that has codes using menu commands or a combined hotkeys. These consist of prewritten programming markups and codes. With the help HTML code snippet one may be able to build their own web pages from others’; it is thought to be major revolution of web creation from iweb so far.

We can create short codes equivalent to any arbitrary html code such as JavaScript codes, video embedding codes, css codes etc. and use them in our posts, pages, widgets, etc. It allows us to create short code corresponding to html snippets.

Snippet is a programming phrase usually used for a small region of reusable text code, machine code or source code, the management of the snippet is a feature of source code editor, text editors and related software. We can use code snippets directly in the code editor when we are creating a web page and also in the source view of the HTML editor.

 For inserting code snippets firstly, one needs to point the curser where one wants to insert the code snippet to materialize, and then right click the page, and then select the Insert snippet.

Secondly one can do it by pointing the cursor wherever they wish to see the inserted code materializing, then press the keyboard shortcut CTRL+K, CTRL+X. Then a list emerges that lets one select a snippet.

Thirdly one may select a word that they wish to enclose using a code snippet, and then right-click and click surround with.

Fourthly, one may select ‘Intellisense’ from the Edit menu and then select Insert snippets.

HTML snippet sometimes does not tend work properly on IE6. If one intends to use it, then one must keep updating it or use some other web browser. It works well on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. One is suggested to not use too many HTML snippets.